Friday, February 7, 2020

Eatin’ cheap

There are a couple of vendors during Quartzsite's high season that sell deeply discounted grocery items. Canned and packaged foods, toiletries and cleaning products, pet foods and such. They buy up excess stock and pass the savings onto you and me.

The catch is that most items aren’t the big brands. And there isn’t any fresh produce or meats. But I stocked up on canned fruit and veggies, soups, condiments and protein bars (six for a dollar). And imitation Oreos.

In a far corner of one vendor’s tent they have big number 10 cans of vegetables and sauces for your next community soiree. Or kinky erotic adventure. Mmmmmm, pudding. Only three bucks a can.


  1. warning, danger, large quantities equal the battle of waist or waste :)

  2. Canned pudding taste more "homemade" if you take a minute to stir in some powdered sugar. When I was a kid my mom would buy #10 cans of pudding and make a couple pies, then let us four kids have at the rest of it.