Wednesday, February 5, 2020

My favorite British Columbian

I met Atli six years ago. Each winter she takes a break from the dismal weather in Vancouver and hangs out with us dismal nomads in Arizona. Well, except for that winter she went to Hawaii instead. We’ve almost forgiven her for that.

This year she invited select friends to camp with her. I was proud and flattered to be included.


  1. Us too. Thank you Atli!
    Nice group to hang out with. :-)

  2. Ah, sunglasses! I too recall taking zehm up...eefen on cloudy days.

    I'd valk down zee street und der peoples vould schtop me und zay, "Vee seen you on TEE VEE last night!"

    Hmmm, das hoi polloi; next vill be der papparazzi.

    Incognito ist gut, Yah!