Monday, February 17, 2020

Hide and seek

I always toss my wallet, key and pocket change on the counter after I’ve parked the Rolling Steel Tent at a camping spot. Almost always. Not yesterday.

I had changed out of jeans and into shorts when the day warmed up. I folded the jeans and put them back in the cupboard with the rest of yesterday’s laundry. So when the key wasn’t on the counter this morning I immediately thought, “Ah, it’s still in the jeans pocket.”

But it turned out yesterday’s jeans weren’t, as I presumed, on the top of the stack. Or the second pair down. Or the third. That’s when I remembered I had put away the laundry after changing into shorts. The correct jeans were next to the bottom.

“Normal” people often wonder how we nomads spend our time. Seems like a lot of mine goes toward trying to find things I’ve misplaced. And shuffling stacks of pants.


  1. In the smallest spaces, there is always space to loose things.

  2. You are starting to show symptoms of older age as I know from past experience!

  3. The Brits use 'faffing' e.g. fooling, fu@king or futzing around finding stuff