Saturday, February 15, 2020

Three-day hold

Maidenhair Falls

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was calling from the other side of the Imperial Valley. “Psst, Al. Al. Come on over. Take a hike to Maidenhair Falls. Visit the Slot. See the Galleta Meadows sculptures again. Free camping, friend.”

Yeah. Good idea.

The Slot

But first I’d need to get my knives back from AZ Sharpening. They’d be done Friday afternoon.

Oh. Friday. The beginning of the weekend. Weekends aren’t the best time to go to Anza-Borrego. All those folks from the San Diego area coming to the desert for R&R. All those ATV people. I’ll wait until Monday.

A typical off-roader invasion

Then, sometime during my pre-relocation errand running I realized it was Presidents Day weekend. Long weekend. Monday would not be good either.

So I wait. And adjust plans. A luxury of retirement.

We discuss the state of the world


  1. When I was working there were never enough, now that I'm retired there are far too many holidays!

  2. Al there's your opportunity to make an Atv friend and in turn hold a Primo camping spot for them in the future ... heck one could turn it into a thriving business!

  3. the dragon sculpture is quit impressive.

  4. And the conclusion....of the discussion with the Dragon?

    1. She said she could solve all the world's problems by setting it all on fire. She almost had me convinced.

    2. Ist TRUH-DISH-UN! YAH! Gut Russian solution!

      Soviet Dragon? Did you detect an accent?

      (She's incognito?)