Monday, February 24, 2020

Wet feet

Enjoying the Pacific Foot Wash

The hat works for both desert and beach

It was beach time this afternoon. Not nearly-naked-and-frollicking-in-the-surf beach time. It’s still winter, after all. But the weather was nice enough for t-shirt, shorts and bare feet.

And Mondays are excellent beach days—if you like having the place to yourself. Almost. I’m generous, I don’t mind sharing my private strand. Some mermaids would be welcomed.

Hmmmm, got a sudden hankering for bouillabaisse


  1. I like your t-shirt.

    I also like being able to comment again. I don't know why it broke nor what fixed it but is nice to be able to talk back. :)

  2. There are many nice things. One of the top ones is standing on a beach listening to the surf.

  3. If you rest your feet on the mussels at night, they will trim your toenails.

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