Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Blow dry

It’s warm here today. It’s also very windy. The weather services report winds of twenty to thirty miles per hour with gusts to fifty. There’s an airport for gliders about a quarter mile away and I can see its windsock, fully horizontal. That means the wind is at least 15 knots, 17 miles per hour or 28 kilometers per hour

Wind out of the west at 15+ knots

I started the morning with the van pointing into the wind to reduce shaking, but the wind slowly, sneakily shifted direction and now I need to reposition.

Dust blows in and things fly around in the Rolling Steel Tent if I open a window or door. If I open the roof vent the lid rattles and might break off. If I close things up it gets uncomfortably warm. So I settled on rolling one window down about an inch to get a little circulation. It let the flies in. I think they wanted out of the wind as much as I did.


  1. Arizona black flies are repelled by dragon flys. I got one with wire feet from a fabric store I hang it outside a cracked window bend the leg wire on booth sides of the door window so it's sitting on the window just outside. 2 are better. The ones with green are best. The black flys on the I-10 corridor own the rest stops now.

  2. Cover your van with a big clam shell for days like these.