Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I’ve been stimulated

My coronavirus stimulus check was autodeposited today. Woo-hoo! Lou got his, too.

It happened just like they said it would. Even though I haven’t needed to file taxes the past few years, even though I changed bank accounts and addresses since the last time the IRS ever autodeposited money on my behalf (and I hadn’t sent them my current data), they used my Social Security information and, bingo, there it is.

So, what will I do with the money? Fortunately, I’m not one of those made jobless by the pandemic. I have a stable (if meager) income with Social Security. I’m not facing foreclosure, eviction, repossession, loss of utilities, or starvation. So I have a few more options open to me.

There’s the temptation to blow the money on a big purchase. For example, I could finally splurge on a drone. Mmmmm, no. I don’t need that.

The wise thing is to add it to my emergency fund. The Rolling Steel Tent is going to need major repairs one of these days. Or a series of minor repairs. So I transferred the $1,200.00 to my savings account, away from impulse buys.

I know, the intent was for us to pump the money right back into the economy. Sorry, they’ll have to wait for mine.


  1. Be very careful here. I love my van too, but sure as shooting, if I let him know I just got some money - he'll want some of it!

  2. I feel very fortunate that our emergency fund is covered so I was able to donate my share of the stimulus money to a charity that supports those in greater need. I hope I kept someone from being evicted because they were forbidden to go to work.

  3. Linda Sand, thank you for your selflessness and lack of greed. And please Carry On!

  4. Sounds like you managed to get all your medical bills from the cancer paid off if you can put it into savings. That is a very good thing, both physical and economic recovery :)