Friday, April 17, 2020

Thanks for the literal support

Lou knocked on the van. “With the hiking you’re talking about doing, you could probably use this. I got some of these to help wade in streams when I fish. The middle section doesn’t slide but you can probably fix that with some WD-40 or something.”

I thanked him and fiddled with the pole for a while. I took a break to sit in the sun, then fiddled with it some more. Presto, the middle section freed up and now it works as it should.

It isn’t a fancy new carbon fiber pole, just aluminum. The color has faded and there are scratches and dings, but it’ll make me look a little like a veteran hiker instead of the rookie I am.


  1. I use either a walking stick, or two trekking poles ($3 thrift store ski poles with the baskets cut off). They have saved my @ss many, many times. Not falling and breaking things is especially important when hiking solo.

  2. I've saved fallen branches perfectly formed and viola! Walking stick; the best things in life are definitely free. Good ol' Lou. P.S. How does he like his new love shack?

    1. I had a nice natural walking stick, but I gave it away to a woman who had a knee problem.

      Lou is very happy with his new home. Photos of the finished interior are coming up.

  3. Thank you and Lou, I appreciate Lou's want for anonymity and his foresight in a well insulated home. Makes good good sense.