Monday, April 20, 2020

Infected with the toilet paper acquisition virus

Lou and I made a supply run to Silver City. I needed some food (and some new canned meats for future reviews) but as I passed the toilet paper aisle I saw they had some of the good stuff.

I already had enough to last a while, but the FUD circuitry in my brain said, “You don’t know about future availability! Get some while you can! Just in case!”

I usually get six-packs. Four-packs if I can find them. Because there’s not a lot of room to store the stuff in the Rolling Steel Tent. But all they had were twelve-packs. Er… um… okay. At least they weren’t 24-packs.

Back at Rancho Lou I filled the cupboard and the auxiliary crate with groceries. The toilet paper sat on the ground. Where could I put it that wouldn’t always be in the way? Hmmmmm…

“Hey Lou! Got any room in your shed where I can store this temporarily?” He did. Problem solved. For now.

It’s good to have homeowner friends.

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  1. After Dr. Redfield said Covid would be back in the fall, I decided to spend the summer accumulating toilet paper, if I could. We have space for it.