Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ghostly light

FreeCampsites.net pointed me to Maple Hollow Campground, up a canyon from Holden, Utah. Even though it was technically still Labor Day weekend, I had the place to myself. Sweet. 

After it got dark I noticed some fairy lights hung at a neighboring campsite. I assumed some very quiet campers had slipped in without me noticing. But come dawn there was no one there, only the lights, which were still on. Hmmm. Either the neighbors had slipped away just as quietly or they had been there some other day. Whichever, they forgot their lights.

I fished them out of the trees. It took me a few moments to figure out their odd shape. Oh, ghosts. The spirits of departed gummy bears, perhaps.


  1. Now you have them available for Halloween.

  2. Don't cha just love permanently-lit outdoor lighting, especially in designated dark-sky areas? I'd ask what is wrong with people but that would be a redundant, and pointless, question.