Friday, September 3, 2021

Under pressure. Or is that over pressure?

Weird things start happening to high-mileage vehicles. Little things. Mysterious things.

Suddenly one day the oil pressure gauge was pegged all the way to maximum. Um, what? A reading like that would mean way too much oil in the engine. I checked the dipstick. The level was in the proper range.

Then I noticed that when the ignition key was turned to the second click, before starting the engine, the gauge would read about 60 PSI, then jump to 80 PSI when the engine started. I concluded it was a problem with the gauge, not with the oil pump or engine. Okay, but what, exactly?

Thanks to the University of Google I learned it’s the oil pressure sensor—a thirty buck part that would cost a couple of hundred in labor if I had a pro replace it. Most of that labor would involve removing things to gain access to the sensor, then reassembling everything. None of the required work is beyond my ability. It’s simply beyond my desire and need at the moment. The false reading isn’t affecting the way the van runs. I can live with it for a while.

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  1. I had a similar thing happen on a '76 Blazer I once owned. The oil pressure gauge would be fine and then every once in a while it would drop to zero and then slowlyyyy creep back up to where it should be and it just drove me crazy until I finally replaced the sender unit. I knew the oil pressure was OK but it was a MAJOR distraction and it was hard to drive with one eye on the gauge and only the other eye on the road.