Thursday, September 2, 2021

I’m legal

The National Forests are all closed, but nearby BLM areas are still open for camping. No campfires, though, which is fine with me. 


  1. I never built a campfire anyway. I did sit around some built by friends and family but I never built one.

  2. Me either. Interesting how the experienced tend towards no fire but campfires are so dang pervasive around camps. I just had to endure campfires every night in 80 plus degree weather at a family reunion.

    1. I was once at a place where a group of campers had a huge bonfire going at, like, 2:00 in the afternoon, in summer. For so many people camping means having a campfire. I think some folk go camping just so they can burn stuff.

  3. When I'm out camping by myself I've found having a campfire keeps the "Zombies" away....Haven't seen one ever.....
    I like a small campfire, just bought a propane one last year, knowing what was in the future...