Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adding on

Lesa got a second-hand tent that attaches to the back of her van. It also has a screen room. Now she has shade with protection from annoying insects. I’m a little envious. It got me thinking about options for myself.

One of my rules is that I want to be able to live and sleep in my van without needing to unload anything and without needing to climb over stuff. So If I were to get some sort of screened tent it would need to pack away compactly into a space I already have. Or I would need to get rid of things to make room for it.

I went online to see what was available. It looked like everything was either too large to store or too small for my purposes. I’ll keep looking.

Meanwhile, I got out my tarp and set it up. It doesn’t keep the bugs out, but it shades the side door so I can keep it open for ventilation. And a view.

Maybe I can rig something up, like clipping netting around the edges of the tarp. That might work. I know exactly where I could stash the netting. Hmmmmm...


  1. Wow! Lesa now has a 3 room house; I'm impressed. But I wouldn't want to have to take all that down to go grocery shopping so maybe I'm not as impressed as I first thought. :)

  2. She just unhooks it from the back of the van and leaves the rest standing.