Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Worth the drive

In a previous episode I told about my flat tire.
Today’s episode is about getting it replaced.

I had hung around Blythe over the Presidents Day weekend, twiddling my thumbs, telling the story of my flat tire to other van dwellers, waiting for the tire stores to reopen. 

I was at a shop that sold Michelins bright and early. After several minutes fumbling around on their computer and frowning, they informed me they didn’t have the tire I needed in stock, but they could have it by Friday, and with tax and labor it would come to $283.67.

"No thanks. I need to go to Yuma anyway. (For Mexican meds.) I imagine I can get the tire there. Today."

So off I went, hoping I didn’t get another flat, what with the spare already on the van.

Since I’d originally bought all new tires for the Rolling Steel Tent from Discount Tire in Charlotte without needing to special order them, I figured my chances were good they’d have one at the Discount Tire in Yuma. 

The clerk tippy-tapped on his keyboard and a second later informed me that, indeed, they had them in stock. $208. He then got my info, found me in their database and said, “Oh, you didn’t purchase the replacement warranty.”

“Uh, no, I’m not real big on warranties.”

“Well, you could buy it now for $35 and we’ll replace the tire for free, including tax and labor.”


The place was very busy, so I thought I would be asked to set an appointment for tomorrow.

“Give me your key and we’ll have it done within an hour.”

And they did. Customer for life.

I told them I wanted to see what it was that had punctured my tire. Here it is.

A tire weight. That’s sort of like a horse being crippled by stray horseshoe.

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  1. I've always received prompt service and good prices from Discount Tire so I'm also a customer for life. Glad your tire replacement experience went well.