Saturday, February 22, 2014

Don't think too much

Imagination is one of the greatest human assets. It’s also one of our curses. Because no matter how good our lives might be, we can imagine something better. 

Not only can we envision perfection, we can then make that perfection more perfect with chocolate. 

And bacon. 

And chocolate covered bacon. 

Deep fried. 

And dipped in chocolate again. 

With bacon sprinkles...

Contentment is hard. It requires us to either ignore the ways we might improve things, or it requires us to be unimaginative. It’s not ignorance that’s bliss, it’s the inability to think of anything better.

Imagination makes it harder to take joy in even our most imaginative accomplishments. “Eh, it could’ve been better. With chocolate. And bacon.”

Now that I’m back in the art saddle (at the moment), I find I’m more content if I just fiddle around with the materials without a grand vision in mind. What am I making? I don’t know. I have some general directions and limitations, but I’m not out to make the perfect version of something. It will be whatever it ends up being. I’ll get my joy from the process. And chocolate covered bacon.


  1. You're getting very Buddhist. Although I don't think he knew about chocolate.
    Or bacon.

  2. I have a huge desire to rid myself of desire.

  3. Yes, the process. It may not be the destination that brings joy; it is the journey.

  4. Or so we believe. Perhaps the all want to direct.