Sunday, February 2, 2014

The caravan diverges

Social groups form for various reasons. Affinity, convenience, curiosity, support, etc. For various other reasons some members of the group might find the situation just isn’t working to their satisfaction. One of the big advantages of the van dwelling life is that we can pack up and move on. Since a lot of us van dwellers are introverts, it’s sort of expected that groups will be fluid, even if some feelings get hurt.

I’d followed seven others to the spot mentioned in an earlier post mostly to see what it was like. Unless you got one of the three primo spots on the shore (I didn’t), the site was kind of blah. And cell reception was very poor and spotty. There had to be better places.

Another member of the group had grown weary of the social dynamic that had developed. So, together with a third person who happened along, we set off for a new spot. I like it a lot more. Before arriving here I thought I would be doing a bit of wandering for the next few weeks. I can see myself staying put here for the 14-day max.


  1. So where are you?
    Jon bayous and wife spent weekend with us.
    He had some great RWD stories.