Monday, December 15, 2014

A return to the oasis

Fortuna Pond, near Yuma Arizona

One day the temperature is just fine. The next day it's two degrees cooler, but still tolerable. The third day the temperature has dropped another two degrees and suddenly it feels like it's freezing (even though it's in the 50s).

Four degrees isn't all that much, right? But sometimes it feels like a world of difference. After all, water is still liquid at 33 degrees, but, presto, one degree colder and it's a solid.

Some mornings I can get out of bed and the coolness is invigorating. Then the next morning, when it's a couple of degrees cooler, I need to break out the heater to keep my fingers from solidifying. That's when I move to Yuma, where it's three to five degrees warmer. And where there's a nice pond.

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