Sunday, December 7, 2014

I went down to the crossroad

When you drive way out into the desert (King Valley in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, in this case) you can start to wonder what you're doing out there and whether the road leads to anything other than more of the same. The map of the NWR says it does. So you continue on the rattly dirt road, wondering if you missed the turn.

Then, finally, a sign. A sign that seems out of place here in the middle of nowhere. Not just the expected beat up, bullet dinged little sign on a stake a Jeep had run over. A nice new sign. A sign that says, "No, you're not lost, not out of touch with civilization. The US Fish & Wildlife Service is watching over you. Proceed with confidence, citizen."

As for the name. Is it pronounced Double Ought Junction? Or is it Oh-Oh, as in "Oh-oh, the wheel just came off?" Or, maybe Zero Zero, as in not just nothing—twice as much nothing. Or simply Oo. Unfortunately, there was no local person—or person of any sort—to provide the answer. Whatever the proper pronunciation, it was where I needed to turn. Left.