Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The window bra

According to the wisdom of hot climate dwellers, my windshield cracked because the reflective shade I used trapped heat between it and the glass, causing the glass to overheat. Expansion turned tiny chips into cracks, which became larger cracks. The trick, they say, is to put something over the glass instead of behind it. Okay.

In the meantime, the hot season passed. I wasn't as worried about keeping the Rolling Steel Tent cool. But I occasionally used the reflective shade for privacy.

Then, as I was wandering through an RV supply store, I saw the vinyl wrap-around window covers.

"Oh yeah, those. Do they make them for Chevy vans?"

Yes, they did. And for only $38.

All wrapped for bedtime

My concerns:

1. Would it be a struggle to put in place alone?

No, it was simple. Hook the corner of a side piece over the edge of the door, let the magnet attach to the door, then walk the rest of the cover around the front of the van and attach it to the other door. Put the wipers over the bottom edge.

2. Would it fit decently?

Not like a custom tailored suit, but well enough. It does provide total privacy (except from those with X-ray vision).

3. Will it pack away easily and compactly?

Yes. It even comes with a storage pouch.

4. Will it keep things cooler?

I'll need to wait for summer to find out.

In the meantime, I get to feel superior to other van dwellers, poor sniveling mortals that they are. Neener neener neener.


  1. I cracked mine in the winter. Left my truck at ABQ airport in Dec. with the reflective window shade deployed inside. Hard freeze at night, sun heated it right up in the morning and I came back to a cracked windshield.
    The bra looks like a great idea.

  2. I learned today that wind can be a problem.