Saturday, December 6, 2014

Really big van

Friends Donna and Mark had been full-timing in a Ford van with a utility trailer in tow. You know a marriage is strong when it can survive quarters that close. But they knew they'd be happier with more room. They got this ultra cool, cruisetastic, vintage, GMC motor coach.

After making sure all the mechanical systems were in top condition, they've turned to reworking the interior to fit their needs.

Too bad they don't make these anymore. They're the one RV I truly like. Compact, efficient, well designed. And yellow! Take that, all you boxy clone RVs.


  1. They ruined a perfectly good one in the film Anchorman 2, as I had the misfortune of watching it recently. They are a nice looking rig.

    It also reminded me of big rigs GM built, in the 50's maybe, that were used to introduce something or other. It looked like a cross between a bus and a locomotive. The sides opened up to showcase whatever product they were hawking. A center driving position (no passenger seat), and dually front wheels(?) My memory escapes me, but it was something to see a half dozen of them parading down small-town main st.

    BTW, I have difficulty posting comments. Worked once, then not. Had to resort to the dreaded IE to post this one. Don't know if anyone else has an issue.

  2. That yellow is mustard...this is a wiener mobile.

  3. Recently saw a whole club of these arriving in Branson, MO. So cool to see the caravan of caravans! ~Sassafras