Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Burning the evidence

Most of the latest mail delivery ended up in the wastebasket. Then I had second thoughts. It contained personal and financial information. So I fished out the papers, took them to the nearest fire ring and, with water jug in hand, made an offering to the gods of information security.


  1. Best thing you could have done! Love your pictures.


  2. Yup, burning was a good replacement for our shredder when we were on the road. It felt even more secure since there was nothing left for anyone to piece together.

    1. On a tour of the FBI, I learned they can sometimes read flakes of burned documents. But since I probably won't have any major law enforcement agencies coming after me, burning is enough.

  3. I use the woodstove in our brickNmortar home for the same. Now, if I could just find a similarly easy solution to hide those extra calories! ~Sassafras