Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snug as a bug

Canadians are generally very nice people—except when they send freezing temperatures to southern Arizona. Maybe homesick snowbirds had it shipped in for the holidays. Whatever the cause, I'm not a big fan.

Fortunately, my down quilt is serving me well. This morning, before sunrise (it's always coldest before the dawn), I thought how comfortable I was. No extreme measures. Just me in t-shirt, jeans and socks, under the quilt, with a corner of it wrapped over my head, leaving a breathing hole. Sure, there was a tiny hint of coolness, but it was a temperature I would be thrilled with in summer. Just right for turning over and sleeping until the sun broke over the mountains. Aaaaaaaaaaah...


  1. Maybe you are in the wrong spot, where I am at in South Florida the overnight temps are in the mid sixties and I have to run a fan all night.

  2. We just left the lower SE California desert. Sunny, lovely days, and coooold nights. In a van..we slept similarly but we wear soft stretchy black lounge pants and Ts to bed. Mornings, we brushed our teeth outside and watched to see if the water would freeze. It didn't.
    Florida, wait till summer.


  3. You can wait until summer I will be in the Carolinas after March 10 or so.

    And humidity is your friend it helps you stay warmer when it's cold.

    It's 81 and 66% humidity at 3:17pm.

    1. I lived through 17 summers in the Carolinas (Charlotte). Ain't gonna do that again.