Saturday, May 16, 2015

A fix of my own

Besides helping Lou with his project, I took some time to do a little repair on my roof rack. One of the aluminum uprights had broken at the bend because of stress and vibration. I had held it together with a bungee cord for several months, but today I got out the power tools and did a better job of it.

A little grinding of the break, some drilling, some steel L-brackets bolted in place, and, bingo, back in business.

For comparison, here's what an unbroken one looks like


  1. Handy you ,well done !!

  2. You need longer bolts. Those Nyloc nuts only lock if the bolts stick through. They'll
    vibrate loose.

  3. Nice job! Should you not do the other side too, while you have the tools at hand? Is that a crack starting that I see in the pic?