Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Half a slog

Central Oregon weather be damned, I'm making the run to join Lou in Redmond. I started at Mt. Madonna park near Gilroy, and tonight I'm in Redding.

My messed up perception wants me to think tomorrow will be shorter. After all, I covered about a third of the length of California today, and Redmond is about halfway through Oregon, which is a squatty state. Right?

Wrong. There's a bit of California yet, and Oregon, well, Oregon is deceptive.

I-5 north of Sacramento is neither exciting nor difficult. It's just boring. Mostly flat, mostly straight. My butt gets tired and my eyes start to glaze. But it's an expedient way to go.

In my younger years it was no big deal to clock a string of 500-mile days. Now? I'd really rather not. At least not without a few naps. (I think my longest straight-through drive was 800+ miles, solo, from San Diego to Logan, Utah when I was 23.)

So tomorrow I'll be on the road bright and early. Crater Lake is sort of on the way. I could detour so I could take a photo for the blog. But I've been there, and you could google a photo if you really want to see one. I still have the other half of this slog to go. Lou's a-waitin'.


  1. One of the great things about traveling in a conversion van is naps are so easy. It amazes me what 20 minutes in bed will do for my driving stamina. I still limit myself to about 4 hours of driving time, though--that takes me pretty much all day what with the naps.

  2. I didn't know Madonna had a mountain named after her. Kinda sad.