Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dry is good

It was overcast when I stayed in the teepee the other night. That had me thinking about what would happen if it were to rain, given the big opening at the top and the bit of a gap between the teepee and the wood deck it sat on. I could make a dash for the Rolling Steel Tent and trust that my hosts had dealt with rain in the teepee before. A wet bed would be their problem, not mine.

There was a brief rain squall just now here at Morro Strand. The people camped on either side of me are in tents. They don't have teepee openings at the top, but there are plenty of opportunities for leaks, or at lest plenty of opportunities for worrying about leaks. Anxiety isn't restful. Meanwhile, I was perfectly dry and cozy in my van. I'm glad for that. I can grumble about the weather, but at least it isn't joining me inside.


  1. Ah, the days of trying not to touch the tent side while sleeping. Slept much better in the van in the rain. Besides rain on the metal roof sounds better.

  2. I'm just south of you, and it sprinkled here today. Twice. Two short sprinkles. Possibility of hail tonight, which will sound nice on the roof of my rig. Sweet dreams. Zzzzzzzzzz.

  3. This is all well and good, but we really need more Chet. What does he think of the weather? I bet his Shriners hat does a good job in the rain, eh?