Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maybe the road isn't for you

So far, wandering the country with no anchor, no home other than the one I travel in, has been perfect for me. I wish I could have done this sooner. Like forty years ago. I’m rather introverted and independent, so this life and I are an excellent fit. 

But being a full time vagabond wasn't the first choice for some people out here. Or it once was, but now they’ve changed. They want to be part of a community, be attached to a place. Maybe they had hit the road because they didn’t fit in the “normal” world. And maybe they’re still on the road because the thought of going back to the normal world is too awful.

It’s hard rejecting the status quo without rejecting the people who come with it.

That’s why there’s an increasing number of intentional communities. Unconventional people can create their own versions of normal together. There are all kinds. Ecovillages, spiritual communities, income sharing communes, vegan societies, artist collectives… There might even be a community of hard core loners somewhere. (Oh, wait, I think I’m already a member of that one.)

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is a clearing house for information on (duh) intentional communities. If you’re longing to belong, if you need to be with like-minded souls, peruse their listings. Your new home and family might be out there. Or, who knows, perhaps you could start your own community.


  1. I am intentionally part of my own unintentional community. It's a community of just me and my pets and we have no intention of joining another, but one never knows.

  2. I feel the same way as anonymous #1 !! My community is made up by my kitty & I; I hate crowds, noise & nagging !!

  3. I've been cruising IC's (now FIC) website for years... dreaming of the old commune days of the late 60s/early 70s. While I love roaming around by myself, I don't like the mode of transportation I've chosen (or that chose me) and sometimes find myself longing for someone to come rescue me (or even just come stand by and watch while I repair or recover) when something breaks, whether it's my vehicle, my trailer, or me. My recent injuries have made me critically aware of just how alone I am. Is an IC in my future? Who knows...

  4. Yes, FIC was the first place I looked when I left my 23 year religious community. I even lived in two of them on the east coast (one in MD and one in WV), but, found I was too introverted to be so enmeshed with a group. So, yeah, I'm sold on the freedom of being a vagabond and meeting up with groups in the desert in the winter....and only if I want to. Works for me!