Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tent camping

The past couple of weeks, staying in pricey coastal campgrounds, has been like a vacation. My personal Spring Break. I figured I'd step up a rung and checked out the offerings at Airbnb.

Hmmmm, spare bedroom in a suburban home? Nah.

A converted detached garage? Maybe, but a bit too cute.

A deconstructivist potting shed? Could be.

Let's see...

Wait, what? A teepee? Absolutely!

No heat, no electricity, shared bath, chickens, horses, dogs, cat, bit of an ocean view... No buffalo robes, but I was snug and happy.


  1. Nice comfy bed into @ teepee...who could as for anything more ? Cool !!

  2. I used to have a teepee. Loved it. But not very portable. Did Chet has his own little bed?

  3. No bed-bugs in the bed ??