Saturday, May 2, 2015

Feeling the chill?

Let's say it's warm and you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Or less. Then the sun goes down and it cools off. A lot. Which are you inclined to cover first: your arms or your legs? Which tends to feel cold first?

I ask because I was observing this at the beach. About 75% went for jackets or sweatshirts first. The rest went for long pants. One guy chose pants but was shirtless. I'm a pants guy. Perhaps because I'm not much of a shorts guy to begin with.

Furthermore, in the morning, when people were crawling out into the damp, chilly coastal morning, they were covered in several layers. Me? I just wore a shirt and pants. I think it's because I live outdoors full time while most of my fellow beach campers were just on weekend outings. They hadn't acclimated. Wimps.


  1. I have not worn shorts in years so I'd already be wearing the pants. Jacket gets added.

  2. I lived in a van up here in the Great White North for seven months back in the nineties, Once the bugs died off and I'd shed excess body fat thru backbreaking labor in the harvest season I just wore shorts all the time when possible and my whole body came alive to the sensation of wind and sun.

    1. Oh, so I should call shivering "coming alive." I did a lot of "coming alive" the two winters I spent in Saskatchewan.

  3. Sandals (you know, high end flip flops) , shorts, (never pants) and a tee shirt 365 days a year. But yeah there is a brand new hoodie around the place, somewhere. They say, Pismo Beach average winter temp is 2 degrees warmer than summer - meh - not sure that I really believe it though