Friday, May 1, 2015

Wait, what? Where?

Yeah, I'm just zigging and zagging all over the place, waiting for things to be less frigid in Oregon. To quote Lou, "It was cold as hell last night." No thanks.

I'm back at the coast again. Point Mugu State Park, to be exact. Thornhill Broome campground, to be even more exact. If I had a tent I could pitch it right on the beach. I don't, so I just sit in the doorway of the Rolling Steel Tent and watch the surf and sunset as I eat my dinner. I guess I could put on some Beach Boys music.


  1. wow, that top picture is gorgeous.

    1. It better be pretty, since he paid $35+tax for that photo.

    2. Try getting a beachfront hotel room for that.

  2. I love Oregon, I plan to head out that way late summer.