Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grunting and sawing and stuff

We got some things accomplished today between rain showers. One was to get the newly reconstructed deck on the trailer tongue. The trick was to lift the storage tub (loaded with 150 pounds of batteries) enough to slide the deck under it. But we're manly men (so we imagine) and were able to do it.

After we took care of some other things that aren't photogenic, Lou had me do the rough cutouts of some corbels. Pairs will be sandwiched together, then the shape will be refined on a drum sander and the edges routed.

As soon as there's a sufficiently long break in the weather we'll start framing the rear addition. Then it will look like we've actually accomplished something.


  1. That's lots of work, uh ?!!!
    Spread your legs, bend U'r knees, don't hurt U'r back !

  2. and just where is manly Chet through all this?

  3. It looks to me like you've already accomplished a lot. That's a very nice deck that took some precise planning not to say heavy lifting.