Thursday, May 28, 2015

A little something for myself

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I bought a really nice aluminum step.

Then I ran over it at Slab City.

Then I bought a replacement.

Then I left it behind at a campground at Roosevelt Lake.

Then I went back and got it before I'd gone too far.

Then, what I haven't shared yet, I left it behind again a week ago, at Morro Strand.

By the time I realized I'd been stupid again, I was 150 miles away. Mmmmmm, no, I wasn't going to burn up $80 worth of gas (and five hours) to retrieve a $55 step. I'd get another one. Someday. In the meantime, I'd do without.

Well, since we pretty much have a woodshop set up here, and there's a stack of scrap and salvaged lumber, I figured I'd build a step this time. It wouldn't be as high tech, but it would be cheap. And no tragedy if (when) I drove off without it.

So, ta-dah! Sort of a micro deck.

It's mostly cedar, so it's lightweight. Fifteen by twenty by eight. I'll stain it and maybe add some no-slip tread tape, like my aluminum steps had. I could mount a shoe scraper/brush on the side. No, then I'd feel worse about losing it.

Simple but strong

UPDATE: trim added and everything stained


  1. I want that to use it as a coffee-table, looks nice !!

  2. I loved having a running board so I couldn't drive away from it. I did drive away from more than one door mat, though. I got so used to stepping on it when I entered I didn't even think about it being something to think about as I was preparing to leave. Hopefully when you leave your mini deck behind someone else will appreciate your fine work on it.

    1. Maybe I should chain it to the Rolling Steel Tent.