Monday, November 16, 2015

A small rant

As if huge diesel pusher Class A RVs didn't annoy me enough already, there was one causing mayhem on the freeway yesterday. It was driving along, way slower than the rest of traffic, part way onto the shoulder, with one of its driver-side basement doors open, sticking about four feet out to the side, ready to slice through other vehicles. This caused much jumpings on of the brakes, swervings, honkings, swearings, angry gesturings...

So these beasts have all the comforts and luxuries of home, but they don't have decent hatch locks or devices that keep you from driving away when when a hatch isn't 100% secure?


  1. Not only that but most of them all use the same lock so even when they are locked they aren't secure.

  2. Nope. Our latches are very poorly designed and executed. Before we depart, each bay door is tested for being closed, and then locked with a key, rather than the fob on the key ring. Despite eternal vigilance, we've had a bay door come open on the road. It's maddening. We, however, did pull off and close the wretched thing.