Saturday, November 28, 2015

The wind is my mother / the highway is my brother

As Rare Earth sang, I was born to wander. And, I would add, to run from freezing nights.

I know you folks in places with actual winters have it far worse than I do right now. And I'm extremely glad I'm not where daytime highs are below zero. Or even merely below freezing. I'm not looking for pity. But I do not like cold weather. I did two winters in Saskatchewan, so I know serious cold. I don't ever want to be near it again.

Yesterday I left Quartzsite for Yuma with the idea of heading to the campground at Painted Rock Petroglyphs, near Gila Bend. Or maybe the Anza-Borrego Desert. Because of itchy feet. And because it might be a little warmer.

Well, Yuma is warmer than Quartzsite, by about eight degrees. The nighttime lows are in the 40s rather than the 30s. But head any direction within the US from here and it gets colder again. It's almost like Yuma is where the heater is. So I'll be staying a while.

Yuma is an okay place to be stuck for a while. It has everything I need. It's just that I've been here several times before and I'm craving someplace new, someplace different. Stimulation. So maybe that will come from discovering new and different things about Yuma. After it warms up a little.


  1. It was 10 degrees WARMER this morning in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania than Quartzsite.

  2. The border country must be getting pretty dull after several seasons in the same few locations. Why not just head south into Mexico for the Winter?