Sunday, November 29, 2015

Attack of the weekenders

There were five other rigs when I pulled into Fortuna Pond on Friday. No problem. There were seven when I came back from town, but they were still well spread out. Then, after sundown, several more people arrived. And they weren't very quiet about it. Ergh.

So I packed up this morning and headed to the wide open spaces along Olgiby Road, off Interstate 8, across the Colorado River, in California. There were various rigs heading the opposite direction, going home after the Thanksgiving weekend. A good sign.

I went farther north to get away from lingering ATV encampments and turned into the BLM area near American Girl Mine. There were two toy haulers there, but they packed up and left within a half hour. So I have the place all to myself. That's better.

Cargo Muchachos Mountains in the background, ocotillo in the foreground


  1. Two other places...

    EC 701 -- BLM Rd marked with brown vertical fiberglass "post" -- 6.1 miles N of the I-8 offramp and 2.4 miles N of the train tracks on the E side (of Ogilby). There's a bush growing right next to the pavement about 100 ft south of a LARGE mesquite tree. 701 is a few feet south of the bush. The entrance looks to threaten high-centering, but Eggbert clambered over. I drove through the 'intersection" with 668 and camped next to the arroyo. See:

    Further north is Designated Route 633 exactly 4.5 miles south of 78 on east side (pink post abt 12 inches tall marks turn). Small cairn on left has white rock on top that marks campsite. Goes E abt ten miles (I think) to dropoff too steep for Eggbert. Being farther from freeway, area is very lightly used...thus more attractive to me. There are places on west side of Ogilby too, but they're not as popular. Consequently many of the "roads" are nothing more than vague trails. The brown posts often took several drive-bys before I saw them.

    Any talk of forming a caravan to go down the Baja? It's usually significantly warmer down there.

    1. Those are good spots, but there were other people already camped there, and I wanted solitude.