Friday, November 6, 2015

Tilting season again

Today, sunrise was at 7:00 and sunset will be at 5:44. To make the most of the decreasing amount of daylight, I tilt the solar panel up to get the early morning and evening light.

Since my panel tilts only one way, I also move the Rolling Steel Tent through an arc over the course of the day. (It's made easier by not having a lot of stuff outside that would need to be moved.) As a bonus, keeping the passenger side of the van turned to the sun means warming sunlight can come in through the side door when it's chilly outside.


  1. NEAT !! do U move with a remote control, or do U do it manually ?

    1. Manually. It's like a 4-step process. Not terribly convenient, but it's simple.

  2. Most of the time the only thing I put outside was my doormat. Which I would promptly drive off and leave behind.