Thursday, November 26, 2015

More food, more people

It was van dweller Thanksgiving again in Quartzsite. About 45 people (some of whom I didn't even know were in the area) showed up for the pot luck feast.

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There were two turkeys—one roasted on a gas grill, one deep fried—and mountains of side dishes. I brought corn. Way too much corn.

What's left of he roasted turkey

The remains of the deep fried turkey. The group lacked carving skills.

Earlier in the week we thought Thanksgiving dinner would need to be postponed due to heavy winds. It's hard to keep stoves lit outside when it's blowing twenty to thirty miles per hour. But the forecast improved and it was nearly windless today. No problems.

Oh, and there was a pile of desserts. Pies, cakes, cookies, candy... I suggested that next year we just do desserts. A coalition of traditionalists and health-conscious eaters vetoed the idea. Foo on them.


  1. Well, no rule saying you can't eat dessert first, right? :)

  2. I'd vote for just desserts. But I wouldn't want to be on the committee to apportion them out. Nice photos,

  3. For once I would have voted against you. But, I do eat my desert first. I don't like to end a meal with sweet.

  4. Did Chet have a nice dinner too?

    1. The greedy little snot went for fourths.

    2. You should start feeding him even when it's not free.