Saturday, November 21, 2015

In other news

Shihab Rattansi, reporter

A crew from Al Jazeera English came around to interview people who have decided to live in vehicles instead of buildings. They had contacted Bob Wells, the guru of vandwelling, and since I'm currently camped a couple hundred yards from him, Bob recommended me, among others. I thought, "Sure, why not?"

Anar Virji, field producer

We talked mostly about the economic pressures that led me to this life. Declining career, crash of 2008, inadequate retirement funds, the costs of maintaining a house, and so on.

Rob Michaud, cameraman

The story they're putting together is slated for international broadcast. They have hours of interviews to edit down to a 2.5 minute segment, so who knows if I'll make the cut. And if I do, who knows whether I'll be happy with it. But it's an experience I would never have had if I were still living in a building.


  1. And new experiences is part of what this life is about. Good for you for saying yes to this one.

  2. "Either you are with us, or you are with the tourists."