Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sprocket is in the house

Beth's dog, Sprocket, suddenly showed up in the Rolling Steel Tent. He was looking for food, not fine company.

I let him lick the remains from my lunch's salad bowl. "Mmmmm, Caesar dressing and a bit of avocado residue." Yay, easier dish washing for me.

"Mission accomplished. I'm outta here." De nada, pero.


  1. Letting a dog pre-rinse your dishes makes for less garbage in the dishwater. Win-win.

  2. Great photo catch on him licking his chops as he left. LOL

    And... um.... you will be washing that dish with alcohol, right? ewwwww

  3. How do I subscribe to your blog? I tried subscribe but it just takes me to a news feed.
    I am a fancy van camper! ( water/bathroom/stove) love it. Enjoy your posts.

  4. Having dogs do the dishes makes for fewer lunch guests (unless you count the dogs).