Monday, November 16, 2015

What is a guy without a house doing at Ikea?

I mean, besides following the arrows through the maze? I'm getting ideas. Maybe there's something that will let me stow my stuff more compactly and/or let me get at it easier. Or something that makes my surroundings more pleasant.

Hmmmm, lots of containers. And if I were starting the Rolling Steel Tent from scratch, there's a wide choice of compact cabinets to consider.

What about lights? Maybe a small one for atmosphere on those long winter nights? I might be able to rewire one to run on 12 volts or AA batteries.

Of course, I don't need to use things for their intended purposes. For example, this lid/dish rack could be used vertically to hang things.

And there are all sorts of things other than beans that could be kept in these magnetic jars.

And though these stools were meant to allow little kids to reach sinks, they could work just as well as a step into a van. The happy blue & green one is more fun than the beige ones you see everywhere.

I know money can be tight for those of us living in various kinds of vehicles. Many of us have to do the best we can with what we have or can scrounge. But ideas are free (unless ideas are your job, like mine was). As the old saying goes, opportunity favors the prepared mind. So if your mind is prepared with the habit of seeing creative ways to use things, if you're in the habit of looking at your surroundings, your life, and seeing ways to improve them, your opportunities for a more functional and attractive existence expand.

I didn't buy anything at Ikea today. I got a sackful of ideas, though. They were handing out samples.


  1. And they have pretty good pizza slices.

  2. And they have pretty good pizza slices.

  3. And Swedish meatballs! I love to hit IKEA at mealtime.

    I agree that IKEA is a good place to get storage ideas. That have some excellent solutions for those of us who live small. As do camping equipment stores like REI. My roll-top stores-in-a bag table came in handy more than once.