Thursday, December 29, 2016

A present for my butt

I started off in the Rolling Steel Tent with just the factory-standard seat, with a small tear made by the previous owner. After a few months, my butt said (because it talks), "I could use something more comfortable." So I got a sheepskin seat cover. That was fine for a while, but it eventually got all matted down, and it itched my legs when I wore shorts. (See earlier post about itchy wool socks.)

Then I got the bath mat pictured below. Loops of microfiber kept my butt from sweating and it was sufficiently cushy and non-itchy. As a bonus, I could throw it in the wash. I was satisfied.

But today I went with Lou to Bed, Bath & Beyond while he looked for a duvet cover. We were on our way out when we spotted these on display:

WonderGel seat cushions. We tried them out. You know that moaning, gurgling sound Homer Simpson makes when he thinks of donuts? That was us—my butt and I. To quote another Matt Groening cartooon, "Take my money!"

Here it is in its cover. I thought the dots would grip the seat to keep it from sliding around. Maybe on fabric, but not on the vinyl of my seat.

Now I'll have to drive around for a few minutes/hours/days to see if it continues to make us (my butt and I) as happy as it did in the store. Lou, I think I'll drive to San Diego and back tomorrow. Or maybe I'll leave right now. See ya.

(Oooh! What if I put the bath mat on top of the WonderGel?)

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  1. FOLLOW UP: I didn't like the cover. It had lumpy spots, and when getting out of the van the cushion would slide off the seat. So I took off the cover, No more lumps and it grips the seat. Then I put the bath mat over it. Perfect.