Friday, December 23, 2016

Back at the beach. And the new pond.

It feels great to be back in San Felipe, even though the recent rain left us with a mud bog. We'll smooth it out before the ruts turn to adobe.


  1. How far (hours/miles) is the drive from Quartzite to San Filipe? Where do you cross the border? Have you ever had to pay a bribe crossing the border or had your van searched? I hear such scary stories!

    1. It's about 260 miles from Quartzsite to San Felipe, or about four and a half hours according to Google Maps. That's going through Los Algodones (where everyone goes for low-cost dental, optical and medications). If you're in something like a van, they check your passport, have you open the doors while they peek in for about fifteen seconds, then show you where to park while you get your tourist visa. Then you're on your way. About 25 miles north of San Felipe there's a military checkpoint where they ask where you came from, where you're going, and they peek in the van again before waving you on. The only time I was really searched was by US authorities upon returning to the States.