Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Plans change

Oh  look, I'm not in Ehrenberg AZ this morning. I'm back in Mexico. I was supposed to meet up with Bob on Monday to start editing more of his videos. But he wasn't there. His travel plans had changed and he wouldn't be there for another week.

Um, okay.

So, rather than sit around one of my less favorite locations for six, seven, eight days, I returned to San Felipe. I do the driving thing much better than the waiting thing. And the desert coast is much more pleasant than the desert non-coast.

As I pulled into town, it felt like I'd been away much more than two and a half days. It felt like I was coming home.


  1. Life is a beach, eh ?

  2. Ah, coming hime. A rare feeling for fulltime RVers.

  3. Being that this is the 21st century data no long moves via the pony express and I can think of more than a few ways to exchange and compress large chunks of data over that internet thingy.

    1. Yes, sending massive digital files electronically quickly eats up data allotments. I have unlimited (but slow) data here at the campground, but Bob doesn't. Besides, despite my reclusive nature, I like doing business face to face.

    2. The files can easily be compressed with the XVID codec to about 10% of the original .mov then transmitted over an open wifi network.

      FREE-> encoding software:

      It's so easy even a cave van can do it!