Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Gift" from the sea

I saw something odd floating toward shore yesterday. I got out the binoculars. Aw man, a dead bottle nose dolphin. Dead wildlife never makes me happy.

The dolphin was decomposing. How had it been in the water that long without being chewed on? And had it died naturally or had it been caught in a net and discarded?

School kids have an impromptu biology lesson

Alacón gives it the sniff test

It's sad (and unpleasant smelling), but death happens. I was hoping the tide would return the dolphin to the sea during the night. But it just washed it farther on shore, as if the sea is saying, "No, you take it. I insist."

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  1. Been in Texas a few weeks. Ton of roadkill in this state. Not sure why. Maybe it's increasing population plus high speed driving. Whatever, it breaks my heart. Such a waste.

    I was up in B.C. a few months ago. They have fences along Canada 1, broken every so often by wildlife tunnels and bridges. No roadkill.