Sunday, December 11, 2016

Europeans have some of the coolest rigs

A German couple and their Bernese Mountain Dog rolled into camp yesterday evening in their four-wheel-drive, Ford diesel-powered, Land Rover-based camper. The Rolling Steel Tent looks rather sad and amateurish next to it.

They've driven from Nova Scotia to Yukon Territory, through the US and now to Mexico. They're headed to Cabo San Lucas, then they'll have their rig ferried to the mainland where they'll make their way to the Yucatan Peninsula. Not only is their rig cool, so's their adventure.


  1. So is that just a vent cover at the back on the top of the pop up roof? 4 wheel drive and sleek design...yep, we don't get much of that over here.

  2. Well duh. I started typing this comment, then was called away when someone stopped by. Came back in, finished it up and posted it.... only to see that Al had already answered the question. Oops.

    I enjoy your blog - thanks for writing it.