Thursday, December 8, 2016

Maybe I'll just sleep on the floor

It  was time to give the Rolling Steel Tent a good sweeping out, particularly under the bed. Dirt, sand, dust bunnies, down feathers, stray coins... It's easier to do it with the bed out.

I figured it was convenient time to show how my bed goes together.

The steel frame, which I got somewhere online, started out with springy wood slats. That worked fine. But then I had a storage idea. So I built this compartmented platform.

It  holds flat things, like my atlases, books and papers. I have Benchmark and DeLorme atlases for all the states west of the Rockies. The stacks used to slide around in a drawer, and the one I wanted seemed to always be at the bottom of the stack. Those aren't problems anymore. And they're out of the way until I need one. The dividers, which are glued and screwed, also stiffen the plywood.

Another sheet of plywood goes on top. two pegs keep it aligned and the mattress holds it down. I lift the top and mattress when I need to access the storage compartment. The front end of the bed bolts to the cabinet, and the cabinet is bolted through the floor. So the bed stays put while driving.

The mattress is a standard foam twin extra long mattress with a memory foam topper. Bins and boxes slide under the bed.


  1. Nicely designed, practical bed with tons of storage, say, you mentioned is a twin, to my eyes it looks wider, something like a double.

  2. Extra long? It does look wider. I've got a shih-tzu that takes up half the couch I'm sleeping on now. Hmm.

    Brilliant storage and set up!

  3. Nice the customs agents would never look there.