Thursday, March 1, 2018

Down by the ce-ment pond

About a week ago my friend Atli posted she was camping at Lake Cahuilla Recreation Area, a county park near Palm Springs. I'd never heard of the lake so I looked it up.

Okay, it had pros and cons, but a body of water in the desert, that isn't stinky and toxic (I'm talking about you, Salton Sea) or surrounded by a golf course, is a rarity. And I was fairly close.

However, I didn't want to rush up there and seem like I was stalking. So I held off a few days, knowing Atli was about to go home to British Columbia.

The dry camping area is a dirt and gravel lot with occasional trees and picnic tables. It's nothing fancy, but there's plenty of room and you can be right by the water. But some of the dry campers were using generators, so I positioned myself away from them, near the area with RV hookups. Hurray for the silence of shore power.

View from the other side

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