Thursday, March 8, 2018

The good old days?

Though our society hasn't become 100% environmentally conscious (I'm not much of a recycler), we've come a long way from our ancestors who thought it was perfectly okay to just dump their crap wherever. Sure there are still people who believe the desert is the perfect place to deposit unwanted appliances and furniture, but most folks don't. We wouldn't just dump a truckload of beer cans into a gully. We believe in hiring waste management corporations to haul our crap out to the desert for us, where they build new mountains from our garbage and tax dollars.

Yesteryear: when men were made of iron and cans were made of tin


  1. I'm so well trained to recycle that even in my van I saved cans for recycling. Did you know California pays you for those cans? That was a pleasant surprise.

  2. I find trash piles all over the BLM and Forest Service land.