Friday, March 30, 2018

Ernie's Garage gets it done

Ernie said to come by the shop at 8:00 and he'd get my power steering pressure hoses replaced right away. That's exactly what happened. In and out in about an hour.

The people who formed these hoses must also make trumpets and tubas

"So," you might be wondering, "what did it cost to have the work done?" I supplied the hoses so all I had to pay was labor. The going rate at most shops is $90 an hour. And they might've claimed it was a two- or three-hour job. Ernie charged me $60, including new fluid. Excellent.

You can judge a mechanic by the quantity, quality and age of his posters


  1. It won't let me comment from my phone!!!

    Al, by now I hope you've found out Barry Goldwater Permits are available at the Cabeza Prieta Visitor Center. Email me if you want "insider" info. (I admit, I'm stingy about the more remote places.)

  2. Are you ready for a new rig? There's a Toyota Tundra extended cab with 165k miles and a 2017 popup camper on it for $18k in Portal. Expedition Portal (Overland Journal) claims the trucks frequently go to 350k.

    1. I don't need a new van yet. the engine and transmission are doing just fine.