Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I get around

Each week, Campendium sends out samples of their most highly reviewed campgrounds and boondocking areas. More and more often, I've already been to at least one of the featured spots. For example, this week it's Lee's Ferry and New Brighton State Beach.

I split my time between campgrounds and free dispersed camping. Free makes my wallet happy, but there are places I really want to be (like the Pacific Coast) where campgrounds are about the only legal options. And, well, there are usually showers and dumpsters, too. Sometime those are worth the money.

I've been here, too, and it's free

Resources like Campendium help me make more informed plans and purchases. There have been places I'd spotted on maps that looked good until I saw the photos and fees and read the reviews. Sometimes the comments need to be translated from the priorities of the Airstream and Class A crowd to the preferences of us humble van dwellers. Now that traveling season has returned, sites like Campendium, FreeCampsites and others will be more important. See ya down the road.

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  1. I agree that it is important to see where the reviewer is coming from--lots of group activities is a negative in my view--unless it's at the RTR.