Saturday, June 9, 2018

Feeling kind of blue

Maybe it’s the cool and drizzly weather. Maybe it’s the low grade headache I’ve had the past few days. Maybe it’s that the Rolling Steel Tent needs more work on the steering. Maybe it’s that the unlimited Verizon 4G for $5/month deal is too buggy and questionable to get after all. Maybe it’s that this is a “five week month” with my Social Security check. Maybe it’s that Anthony Bourdain killed himself. Maybe it’s all of that. And more.

There’s no guarantee the nomadic life will be 100 percent sunshine and puppies. But a few downer days now and then are no big deal when the rest of my time very much resembles solid joy.


  1. Yes there have been a couple of high profile suicides of late. But it is the young healthy kids not even out of high school doing away with themselves that I cant wrap my head around. I guess the occasional blue day is nothing compared to what they must have been going thru to want to end their own life!

    1. True. The problems of one little person (me) don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

  2. The person who iniatiated the 5 week SS gap would like a glass of ice water.

  3. Well, as a photograph, that's the best self-portrait so far.